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  • Hang on, what's a theatre producer?"
    Here's a fun instructional video, made by the brilliant guys at Theatre Craft. It's only mildly embarrassing - they made me wear lipstick - but I'm doing my best to style it out.
  • I'd love you to produce my work! Can I send you a script?
    You totally can! But it may take me a while to read it. Sorry about that. I also cheerfully accept invitations to readings or presentations, and links to archive recordings of pre-existent work. Don't stress if it's not brilliant quality - it's not my first rodeo. Please send any and all information to
  • Are you looking for any staff / cast / crew / musicians &c?
    If you're not responding to an advertisement or spotlight breakdown then probably not, no. Sorry.
  • Would you consider speaking at our event / judging our award?
    Totally! Please email all available information to Zoe on
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